Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands)

Kepulauan Seribu is located 45 km north of Jakarta’s bustling port , a surprisingly beautiful chain of islands highly accessible from the city. Aside from a plethora of activities such as kayaking, sailing and swimming, the islands are also famous for stunning diving sites, especially the smaller islands where the gorgeous coral reefs are.

ayer_islandThe resort islands crystal clear sea water with a bunch of colorful fish that swim around give you a unique snorkeling experience . Enjoy the sunset scene  with the wonderful reflecting in the sea  , the sound of birds in the trees,  gentle wind, sound of waves are harmonized romantically  .

Thousand Island lies in the waters of Jakarta Bay which has 100 miles length . There’re about 110 islands and 700 reefs , in some large and small group of islands in the Thousand Island. Those islands divided into tourism islands, conservation, historical island, and island for community empowerment in accordance with the characteristics differences between each island.

Kepulauan_Seribu_UtaraAn area of 107,489 hectares of land and sea was declared by the Minister of Agriculture in 1982 and designated by a Forestry Ministrial Decree in 2002 as the Taman Nasional Laut Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Islands Marine National Park). Public access is prohibited on two of the islands, Panjaliran Barat and Panjaliran Timur, where sea turtles are conserved.

Rayuan_Pulau_Kelapa_by_automidoriIn general, the plants that grow in the Park are dominated by coastal species like coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) , pandan (Pandanus sp.), cemara laut (Casuarina equisetifolia), cangkudu (Morinda citrifolia), butun (Barringtonia asiatica), mangroves (Bruguiera sp.), breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis), ketapang (Terminalia catappa), and kecundang (Cerbera odollam).

Sea vegetation commonly found in the Park consists of seaweed divisions like Rhodophyta, Chlorophyta and Phaeophyta as well as classes of sea grasses like Halimeda sp., Padina sp., Thalassia sp., Sargassum sp., and Caulerpa sp.

Pulau-Pramuka-04-RESIZEThe dominant animals in the Park include 54 sea biota species which form part of the coral reef ecosystem, 144 species of fish, 2 species of giant clam, 6 species of sea grass, sea worms of various colors and 17 species of coastal bird.

This Park forms a hatching site for hawksbill sea turtle, and green sea turtle. The hawksbill turtle is an endangered species and is rarely found in other waters. These turtles are bred on Pramuka Island. This activity is aimed at recovering the turtle population, which had almost reached extinction. Breeding activities include egg hatching in a semi-natural way and caring for the baby turtles till they are ready to be released into their natural habitat.

Most coastal areas of this Park are surrounded by mangrove forest, where monitor lizards, golden ring snakes and reticulated pythons can be found.

Kepulauan Seribu3There’re 45 islands that are meant for tourism destination which are classified into general tourism and special tourism. Among the islands that are included in Thousand Island, six of them have been made as the tourism islands. Those six islands are Ayer Island, Bidadari Island, Kotok Island, Putri Island, Pantara Island, and Sepa Island. Those tourism islands equipped with adequate and even complete facilities and infrastructure.

  • Pulau Putri or Princess Island

located at Pulau Seribu around 90 minutes by speed boat from the Marina Ancol North Jakarta,   the Departure time only one schedule on 08.00 am.

pulau putri1 Speed boats with four engines are used for transportation across the Java sea.

Enjoy your time in recreation park with Swimming pool, Tennis , water sports, snorkeling, diving, canoe and banana boat .
Several different types of boats, large and small, are ready for island-hoping, sunset cruise, diving and fishing expeditions and group outings .
Semi Submersible Underwater Boat The only in the South East Asia allow you to gaze upon the throng of fish and coral passing around you. Cruise below the surface of the crystal Java Sea in this unique underwater experience .
Underwater tunnel aquarium , and a glass bottom boat sail in slow pace allow you to explore the islands coral reef and underwater lives .


the Putri island only around 8 hectares , with 67 exclusive bungalows

  • Pulau Bidadari “Angel Island”

    , approx. 30 minutes by speedboat from the Ancol Marina (15 km).

cagar-budaya-pulau-bidadariBidadari (“Heavenly nymph”) Island was formerly named Purmerend during the Dutch colonial era after the Dutch town. In 1850 the Dutch built a Martello tower here as part of a set of fortifications that protected the approaches to Batavia. The tower was operational until 1878, when it became a storage site. It too was badly damaged by the Krakatoa explosion and was abandoned in 1908. All that remains now is the base up to a meter or two above ground. Bidadari was also known as Pulau Sakit (Sick Island) as it housed a leper colony during the 17th century. More recently, the island came to be called “Angel Island”, to honor the leprosarium that had been there. Bidadari is a privately developed resort island with some facilities for archaeological tourism.IMG_2977

  • Ayer Island 

 Located only 15 – 20 minutes from Marina Ancol, Jakarta, Pulau Ayer has been known as the best, cleanest, the most exclusive island, and also as the brightest of the Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu).

In ancient times, this island (Pulau Ayer) was the private recreation retreat of the former kings of the Thousand Islands. It was also used by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia as his private vacationland many years ago.

When you have been busy making a living and forgotten how to enjoy live, go and seek out a cottage at Pulau Ayer, and it will all come back to you. While you stay in anyone of the 45 cottages you will be living in a totally different atmosphere from the busy lifestyle from the city, cause there is no air pollution, no such
thing as traffic jam, you will only find peacefulness.

Especially if you stay in the floating cottages that have been uniquely designed and built 3 meters above sea level, and they all have a glorious view of the ocean. There is also a traditional masseuse available to help you lose the muscle tension and soothe away your cares.


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